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The allrounder – NC Spot Drill

It is regarded as a multi-talented by the multitude of machining forms it offers. It not only convinces by its diversity, but also with its lifetime. It combines: Drilling, chamfering, grooving, engraving, spotting and corner rounding. 45° | 60° | 82° | 90° | 100° | 120° and 142° angle for various applications.

Corner Rounding

Here you have two versions available, one of which is the 2-edge RC version for Edge rounding and circular edge rounding and the 4-edged R version with which you can chamfer both forward and backward. R 1.0 ~ R 3.0 are interchangeable on the same holder.

Engraving 45°|60°|90°

The revolutionary new concept of engraving tools with replaceable inserts offers you the possibility of producing high quality engravings irrespective of the material. The combination of substrate and coating enables high speeds and thus shortens the lead time.

X060 engraving

The Micro engraving plate enables finest engravings from 0, 1mm font width | Cutting radius. Engraving Angle 30 ° | 45 ° | 60 °. You can also deburr with the graver. You have two cutting edge variants to choose from; with radius or surface with radius transition. The graver replaces your full carbide engraving and ball end Mills. Only one holder for the entire X060 series.

NC Deburring

Deburring and chamfering can be with high cutting speeds and feeds thanks to the one-sided 6-cut WSP. It is ideal for chamfering micro holes and grooves; the smallest possible counterbore diameter | Groove width is 0.5 mm. same holder as the X060 series.


The i-center is the first insert-based centering drill and the alternative to solid carbide and HSS tools. It shortens the setting & centering time. The tool offers longer life and reduces tooling costs. High cutting speeds and feeds can be achieved by the specially grinded Insert.

NC Helix Drill

Machining by circular interpolation. Milling, drilling, grooving and pocket milling combined in one tool, which greatly reduces your tool holdings. Only 6 tools for the production of Ø13-Ø65mm holes. Two shank variants, with internal & external coolant supply, available. Short chips due to wavy cutting edge geometry. 20 ° immersion angle possible.

Super Drill

3xD and 4xD insert drills from Ø10mm. Same 4-edged WSP for inner and outer plate seat. High diameter accuracy and surface quality. Can be used on rude or angled surfaces. Good for high productivity and quality.

Super Power Drill

This tool allows you to edit from 5xD to 10xD, 19mm to 40mm. The special feature of this tool is that the centering is integrated. The coolant supply comes directly from the cutting edge, which enables fast and smooth chip removal.

Chamfer Mill 45°

The interaction between the teeth count and the coating allows you to work with high cutting data and thus reduces the processing time. Compared to traditional Chamfer Mill Tools, they achieve a higher cutting speed of up to 4 times and a 10-times higher feed rate. It is also suitable for forward and backward chamfering.

High Speed Boring Bars

This spindle tool is adjustable by an eccentric mechanism, depending on the version + -0, 1mm (0, 01mm/tick mark), or 0, 5mm (0, 03mm/tick mark). Precise adjustment by a scale on the tool or in the tool preset possible. Creates holes of Ø5mm ~ Ø50mm.